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decadently delicious. 60 calories. it's finally me o'clock. time for jell-o. try new chocolate mint sensation. ♪ [ female announcer ] good friends never run out of things to talk about... and during endless shrimp at red lobster, you can keep the conversation going mpover endless servings of your favorite shrimp. from classics like garlic shrimp scampi and decadent shrimp pasta... to new creations, like crunchy parmes shrimp. our best value of the year, endless reasons to get together. during endless shrimp, right now at red lobster. developing now -- iran says it's ready to release a female u.s. hiker held for more than a year. is there a catch again? new word on that massive fire near san francisco today. officials are now changing the
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number of those dead and missing. single class families. >> the middle class mantra, president obama plans another week pushing the economy. a report on a new message from the white house. cashing in the sexy spy trying to make money in a new way. plus -- ♪ >> why the commercial jingle is making a comeback. we'll get to that. meantime good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." it's 10:00 on the east coast, 7:00 out west. sharp words from a top white house adviser thismorning as both parties stake out their positions on the economy. on "meet the press" this morning, david axelrod blasted republican calls to extend the bush era tax cuts and taking on one republican by name. >> the man who would be speaker has said about what he wants to
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do about the economy, he says he wants to restore those tax cuts for companies that ship our job overseas and he wants to cancel the obama tax cuts that were part of the recovery act for the middle class and raise taxes on 110 million familie and yet he wants to borrow $700il billion s give milling airs and billionaires another tax cut and add to ou r deficit. >> mike viqueira live at the white house. you heard him talking, reprentative john boehner, who they were talking about, we didn't hear his name. he is becoming a frequent white house target. >> yeah. there are a lot of facts and hereres being thrown around lately. some of them a little dubious and some of that accurate, but it really is indicative of what is at stake. a desperate struggle now for the control of congress and the last two years of president obama's first term with many experts saying republicans have a better than even chance, are favored to win the majority of the house of
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representatives, perhaps the senate, that would require a major readjustment in strategy here and in direction as far as dealing with congress from the obama white house. and that's why you're seeing a lot of this heated retteric, the president taking after john boehner himself. he had a speech other day, he listed joh boehner's name seven times. a lot say who is john boehner and why would he be punching down at the minority leader i the house of representatives. e answer from political experts, democrats need a bad guy, a punching bag, someone they can point to and say this is what would be represented if republicans win the house. thkey talk about the track recod of republicans and the economy, not very good over the last seven or eight years of their rule here in washington, and when the economy tanked in the last years of the bush administration. so the battle now about tax cuts, you heard david axelrod refer to it, bush era tax cuts set to expire at the end of this year, what the president wants
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teto do is extend them for everyone except couples making more than $250,000, individuals $200,000, republicans want to extend them for everyone. a lot of democrats joined them in that. they say that raising taxes on anyone or at least allowing the end es to raise at of their exspir rags not good in a frail economy. austin goolsbee, president obama's new top economic adviser as chair of the council of economic advisers says what we knew before, unemployment is not going to be coming down any time soon. it's at a whopping 9.6%. >> yeah. unfortunately so. thank you very uch. mike viqueira. we're following a developing story out of iran, a jailed american hiker held for over 13 months by iranian authorities may be release within sadays. sarah shourd could come home on half a million dollars bail. we identified her as having been married to her fiance shane bauer, they are merely engaged,
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hope to be married as soon as both get their freedom. let's get to ali arouzi from london. she was supposed to be releases yesterday. now we hear it's going to happen in two or three days from now. what are you hearing. >> that's right. it's been a weekend of stops and starts regarding sair sarah shourd's release. edshe is going to be released oa $500,000 bail. the tehran prosecutors for first time indicated one of the reasons she is going to behe released she is in poor health. he said they want to show islamic clemency at a time of a religious holiday. it's very important to note that the prosecutor is saying she is in poor whhealth. back in may when we visited her at the hotel in tehran when her mother and the mothers of shane anjosh had come to see them, they complained about not being well. sarah's mother said she had lumps on her breasts and not getting medical treatment in iran. this could be a major factor is why she is coming home early.
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>> okay. certainly these serious health issues. the kind of thing, is that, you think, the major thing facilitating her release and is that what president mahmoudsn ahmadineja doesn't want that on his watch, doesn't want something to happen to her while she's president? >> absolutely. it would be terribly embarrassing if something very bad happened to her in an iranian prison especially since shehasn't been charged or taken court. there's a lot of factors involved. we're coming up to the u.n. general assembly, theia iaea is having a meeting next week about ir and their nuclear issues. i think the iranians want to put an image of compassion and a group of people that you can talk to and sit down and do business with. they want to soften their image p to these very important meetings and dates over the next few days and weeks. okay. ali arouzi, thank you ry much, ali. a new death to this morning from the massive gas explosion in northern california. in fact, crews have found three
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more bodies in the charred section of san bruno raising the total number of victims to seven. police say an additional six people are still missing. officials told residents for the first time, they will have access to thei housesoday. for many, however, that will return home will just be a quick visit. >> but not to stay. wethink just to take some w essentials. right now we're staying at a hotel. i'm getting tired of it. i just want to go home. >> nbc's miguel almaguer has more from san bruno, california. that was a town hall meeting we saw part of, my gel. who is going to be allowed to get home today? >> alex, a little bit less than an hour we will know the exact number of people expectedo go up to the hill and return to their homes. authorities have tagged homes in three categories, green tag, which means there's very little damage, if any at all, to the homes for folks who can return, say they're safe for them to go back up, escorted by pacific gas
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and electric company officials, local gas company that operates that ruptured gas line, they will go back to their homes, get the pilot lights lit and ve there. there are folks going back who have yellow tagged homes, they can go into their home for a set amount otime, able to gather some belongings but they will have to then come back down the hill and reevacuate and then the most serious damaged home, the red tag homes, those folks will not be allowed up into their homes. as a matter of fact, that area is still part of the national transportation safety board investigation. investigators not done there, collecting evidence and facts as to figure out what contributed to the blast, alex. >> you know, miguel, there were reports in the aftermatash that people smelled gas in the days leading up to the explosion and that, indeed, this gas line is a high-risk line. what do we know about that? >> it was deemed a high risk line by company officials themselves. it's an older pipe, about 40 to 50 years old, and it was deemed to be replaced in the next couple years and it was a
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hi rgh-risk line because it ran underneath a high-density residential area and they wanted to make sure that line was replaced in the near future. it was among several pipelines deemd.ed to be replaced. they never got around to doing it. that was the cause that investigators are looking at right now. >> miguel almaguer, thank you for the live report. six people are dead after a shooting rampage in kentucky that was apparently triggered did not like the way his breakfast was prepared. a kentucky state trooper says 47-year-old staneny leace killed five people in two mobile homes before turning the gun on h himself. he had grown hostile towards his neighbors and started eviction proceedings because he was unpredictable and little things would set him off. witnesses to the shooting say he flew into a rage over the way his breakfast was made and when his wife fled to a neighbor's trailer he followed. >> seen him chasing his wife
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ound the jeep shooting at her, begging and pleading saying stanley we can work this out. next thing i know he said i'll work it out an boom boom boom and everything got real quiet. >> niecekilled his wife and step daughter and three witnesses and killed himself as mission arrived at the scene about an hour later. a setback for the 33 trapped miners in hile. the crews are digging two separate rescue shafts but the drill head for one of them has broken. engineers are trying to find it, but if they don't they may have to start drilling an entirely new home. in the meantime health officials are giving miners permission to smoke. the ventilation system has improved enough smokers will be able to light up occasionally while they wait to be rescued. the miners have been trapped since august 5th and could take months before they are saved. another atlantic hurricane could be threatening land. igor reached hurricane strength and while only a category 1 right now it's expected to build to a major hurricane by late monday. to get the cmplete sunday forecast, we go to the weather
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channel's jeff morrow. you're blocking behind igor, there's another one coming. >> i will step out of the way. that's probably going to be a depression within the next hour or two and beyond that it, i would say, will probably get a name within the next 24 to 48 hours and it would be julia. that's still a long ways away from the u. wever, little bit more immediate concern as you mentioned is igor and look at that eye that's starting to develop there. that's really getting wrapped up. i would say that pretty soon we're going to have winds up at least a category 2 strength and probably this one's going to end up being a major hurricane, at least category 3. we know it's going to strengthen. we're etty confident of that where is it going to go. our track takes it generally to the northeast of the islands here in the caribbean. so some good news for puerto rico, virgin islands and winwards and looks like there's that wind speed going up to 130 miles per hour we think by the latter part of this week. it looks like it's taking aim
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more on bermuda. at this point, it lulooks like would probably stay off the east coast but it's a little too olose to call that right now. this is one we want to keep track of. definitely as we head on through the week. as far as our forecast for most the country, aside from a little bit of rain moving through the northeasu t like whe you are there, alex, in new york city and along the gulf coast into florida, most of the country will enjoy a nice grandparents day today. alex, back to you. >> that is a nice thought. we thank you for sharing that. fixing the economy, some promising numbers over the past few days. is it enough to help democrats as the mid-terms approach? school surprise, some unexpected pictures pop up during a presentation during a high school assembly and police are investigating. ♪ >> a few years ago advertisers said the jingle was dead but now
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police are investigating an incident in pennsylvania where hundreds of students were accidentally shown x-rated pictures during a an assembly. officials say a speaker wases giving a presentation when it took that turn. the man apparently stored pornography on the same flash drive he kept information about donating blood. students were stunned and parents outraged. >> tanhe principal saw it and wt up immediaty and tried stopping it. >> by that time you had already seen. >> by that time everybody had seen. >> i think he should beed punisd to the fullest. >> the school, indeed, sent home an apology letter and the blood bank worker has been suspended
10:17 am
indefinitely. new signs of life from the economy, encouraging reports on jobs, trade and inventories, opening up a new round of speculation into november's mid termle elections. let's bring.b in a.b. stoddard. >> good morning, alex. >> let's give credit where it's due. we've seen some better theran pected economic news over the past days and if things turn bit, might we e start talking about a democratic comeback? >> i don't think so. i think when you look at these indicators, these signs of life, that's sort of a micro view that is encouraging to the administration and as well to economists who are watching this closely but to the average voter the mid-term elections are seven weeks from this tuesday. their opinion is really cemented at this point because they're looking at the economy in a macro sense and until the job numbers which aren't budging start to move in a dramatic fashion, which they -- we have all been told is not expected for quite some tie, they're feeling pessimistic and angry
10:18 am
and it will be hard to see a reversal about their opinion and the economy in the next seven weeks. >> what about the president's news conference on friday, also discussing the economy tomorrow in virginia. has the president effectively conveyed comforting words about his plans? this is not just tors the voter but politicians and democrats who are nervous right now? >> i think he's trying. he hasn't stopped in the last week, he has more plans to do so this week. he's come out with new proposals, getting very specific, getting very personal but i think the white house really, the team realized that the president had lost a critical window of time this summer distracted by so many other things, to talk up the economy more. he's distracted by the war in afghanistan and the oil spill and the debate over the mosque and even the white house's push to promote the new health care reform law. anything but the economy was always sort of getting in the way and making news. you saw him come out with the new proposals.
10:19 am
they are -- they have been supported in the past by business and should attract republican pup sort, but the reaction was chilly even from democrats who say that they extending the tax rates for the upper brackets -- tax cuts for upper brackets and still an ternal debate among democrats themselves, disagreeing with the president and not fully embracing the economic proposals, some of themad sayin we wish we had seen these last spring. >> and also some polls that show voters are blaming republicans more than the president for the current economic problems. so that said, if it's true, what's it going to take to help the democrats capitalize on that and turn it into wins at the polls? >> those numbers have been surprising. a large majority continue to believe into these first two years of the obama administration that the economy, the mess of the economy, should be blamed on the bush administration. but that number is inching down and more and more voters,
10:20 am
particularly independents, are now beginningo blame obama for no fixing it. the voters who believe the most it's republicans fault are democrats and those are democrats not motivated to vote in this electionthe in the fal those are the voters that the president and the democrats have to turn out. those are the minds that don't need changing if they believe that republicans are obstructionists and think their policies are the mo dangerous for the economy they have to get to the polls. the pos are showing they don't plan to. >> and, you know, the president having been swept into office on the promise of change and there was strat spheresically high expectations there howas that tempered? >> well, from the beginning even his own team, alex, remember was saying these numbers will go ey down, because they're simply too high, the expectations in this very tough time and two live wars and aer itble economic crisis these expectations are too high. if you look at your own nbc polling, it's fascinating, the voters who continue to support
10:21 am
president obama the most up in the 70% mark, they are the voters the least interested in the mid-term elections and don't plan to get engaged and come out to vote. they continue to support the president, but they don'tth car about the coming elections and don't believe it's enough of consuence. so those are the oy voters that can save the democrats now, and it's question of whether or not they can get them in the car. >> a.b. stoddard, more next hour, thanks. ng thank you. cashing in the sexyussian on her ies to capitalize notoriety. a new report on when we might see a royal wedding. coming up. secret turns up the protection. odor-fighting microcapsules e triggered by your body heat to release a fresh scent. for 24 hour odor protection. ♪
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>> all right. we're going to get the latest enteainment headlines from dawn yanek, editor at large in "life and style" magazine. >> you have to dance to lady gaga. she has to be a contender but what else might be w satching tonight? >> she's nominated for 13 awards. god knows what kind of crazy contraptions she's going to wear. chelsea handler, hosting the awars.d ceremonies. some of the presenters include the cast of "glee," the cast of jts jersey gshore," cher is goig to make an appearance but the one, the people who we are going to be watching the most are taylor swift and kanye west. of course it was only a year ago that awards speech interruption heard around the world happened and it's been some year for kanye. he, of course, came out over labor day weekend with a ton of twitter apologies to taylor, even said he had writ an song for her he would love for her to perform but if she didn't he would perform it.
10:26 am
no word on whether or not that's going to be the song he performs tonight, but we shall see. but what we have been hearing as of late yesterday is that taylor has written a song about the whole debacle and is going to be performing it tonight. can't wait for the cutaway shots to kanye's face. >> how about lindsay lohan. >> she may be making a surprise appearance at the awards ceremony. she apparently showed at the nokia theater on friday. this would be her first formal appearance after the jail episode. >> what's the deal with the other legal situation and the jersey shore world? >> the situation is in a bit of a legal situation. he attempted to trademark his name but he was beaten to the punch by a memphis-based retailer who has a line called situation. they deemed it too close. he's not the first "jersey shore" cast member to get in a sticky situation with trademarking his name. snooki had a problem a few weeks ago. a fictional swimming cat in a children's book called th
10:27 am
e adventures of snooki so she was denied to have her name trademarked in print. "forbes" magazine and the top paid actors. >> on the top of the list, johnny depp who earned a reported $75 million between june 2009 and june 2010. he has the high grossing "pirates of the caribbean" franchise and "alice in wonderland." rounding out the top five, ben stiller, adam sandler, tom hanks, leonardo dicaprio. watch for leonardo dicaprio to make a play for a higher rank because "inception" a huge hit this summer premiered in july and he's maybe going to make an estimated $50 million from that movie alone. >> launching next year's ranking. >> thanks for all that. have fun watching the vmas. >> you too. the warning signs were there but a bus end up hitting a low-level bridge. the latest on what went wrong. it's a disaster.
10:28 am
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and another reason why a chevy's a chevy. i'm alex witt. a senior iranian ilprosecut says authorities will release an american hiker on a half a million dollars bail because of health problems. sarah shourd has been jailed more than a year after she was arrested with two other americans and accused of spying. crews trying to stop a wildfire in the colorado foothills are getting some help from calmer weather. the team fighting that fire expects to fully contain the fire late monday or tuesday. crews cleaning up the site of the school named for former vice president al gore hoped to have it ready to open by tomorrow. last week it was revealed the $75 million los angeles school was built on toxic soil. the irony here, gore won a nobel peace prize for his environmental work. another batch of primary races this tuesday and in some cases republicans are trying to fend off challenges from within their own party.
10:32 am
it is highlighting fault lines in the gop as conservative activists take aim at establishment candidates they criticize as being too moderate. on "meet the press" david gregory asked former mayor rudy giuliani if the tide is turning in his party? >> i think the republican party has always had this tension, as a democratic party has, you have a groupf people thatare significantly ideological and then you have other people that are more center right. and i think we have a siificant number of those. we have candidates runnin right now that are easily described that way. so i think we're as broad a political party, if not broader, than the democratic party, just in a different political spectrum. >> you can catch david's full interview with mayor giuliani when "meet the press" re-airs today at 2:00 eastern here on msnbc. officials say there werine several warning signs in place but they were not enough to stop a double-decker bus driver from slamming into an overpass in a syracuse, new york, suburb.
10:33 am
that crash which happened early saturday morning mangled the top front of that mega bus. four people died. at least 25 others were treated for injuries. >> i felt something hit and then i got stuck between the two seats and then i was unconscious for two minutes. >> the driver, a 59-year-old, was hospitalized. authorities say he made a wrong turn off a highway on to a road thatay he been unfamiliar. the bus was on it ways from philadelphia to toronto. we're watching news out of iran, a jailed hiker, sarah shourd, my be released any hour now. she's been detained since july 2009 when she be and two americans hiking near the iranian border were captured and accused of spying. he once served as senior director for middle east affairs at e national security council during the bush presidency and with a good morning to you, what do you make of this iranian move? >>. >> well, the initial
10:34 am
announcement i think can only be taken as a sort of grand gesture by president ahmadinejad. he's given to these sorts of grand gestures, written letters to world leaders, intervened in the release of british sailors taken hostage by iran but a lot of times inside the regime this is seen by his conservative sovals as a power grab and so there was, obviously, some push back by the judiciary wch felt that he had overstepped his bounds and now looks like perhaps that's on the cusp of being resolved. >> what do you think is going on behind the closed doors between shourd's iranian lawyer and these judicial council executives and the president? >> well, the head of the judiciary in iran is a fellow whose last name is larajani. one of ahmadinejad's i i-rival is a former nuclear negotiator and speaker of the parliament. love loss fors no the president and wa probably very unhappy when he was seen to
10:35 am
overstep on to their territory of sort of releasing prisoners. you know, the back room politics in iran are more complicated even than in say hicago, but hopefully what we'll see is the release of this young woman who has been really held unjustly for all this time. >> can you tell me what iran ins by keeping these three hikers? i mean why not just release all of them? >> well, remember, this is a panoid regime and it's also a very fractured regime and so in their view, keeping americans hostage is sort of a bargaining chip against the united states. and it's also, frankly, a bargaining chip inside the iranian system, again that these conservative powers use against each other. we can't sortit of look at it a though it were sort of an american situation where we believe in the rule of law. >> but you know, i mean they've been there since july 2009. it would seem as if the u.s. does not bgain in a situation to what extent is the u.s. state
10:36 am
like this. department involvednd would that be the group with whom bargaining was done? t >> the u.s. state department and the entire u.s. government will try to reach out to -- through every means it can. it will seek out countries which might have influence inside iran to try to get these young folks released, to try to get justice done in their case. that said, there's no bargaining in the sense of sort of trading one thing for another because of course that only encourages further host age taking, the sort of behavior you're trying to discourage. but a very active campaign that will be under way to try to get these young people released. unfortunately, because the iranian system is so difficulne to petrate or comprehend, that is often met with a lack of success. >> to what extent do you have concerns, if sarah gets out, how does that play into the fate of josh and shane? >> well, clearly the s. government has been quiet so far. it will probably continue to be
10:37 am
relativelyuiet, you know, despite its strong feeling this has been handle unjustly and unfairly because they don't want to endanger any possibility th shane and josh would be released. certainly don't want to interfere with the possibility of sarah's imminent release. it's hard to know what will transpire insideg iran regardi the two young men but the united states will be very careful not to endangerer thain any way. >> thanks so much. that former russian spy that posed as a socialite in the u.s. says she's launching a new website. anna chapman kicked out of the u.s. in july along with nine others a fter they were arsted by the fbi andssxposed as russian agents. now she has a team of publicists in pace as her star continues to rise thanks in part to the video you're about to se of a photo shoot that surfaced last month. there it is. nbc's nian dos santos with a good day to you, what is anna's next move? >> hi there, alex. as if she wasn't already famous
10:38 am
enough, anna chapman is giving up to be making the most of her look ts in the future, even if on the oher hand she can't talk about her former espionage activities in the united states. chapman told the german magazine that she will be soon be launching her own website and also hired a team of public relations people to handle her image. in that recent photo shoot you saw a snippet of what the russian tabloid magazine, chapman made the most of her hair and physique, the features that captured the world's atteion when she was unearthed as a russian agent and deported from the united states in july. part of what made chapman so famous in the first place was her glamorous facebook page. and that was replete with sultry shots of the 28-year-old who was a regular on the new york party circt. but it seems as though her social networking sites has this her in hot water, after she posted material from a recent magazine photo shoot on her facebook page without the publisher's permission, alex.
10:39 am
>> is she a national celebrity, a national star, a hero? >> she certainly seems so back in russia. chapman's maiden name i should add is kushchenko. she became chapman when she married her ex-husband alex chapman who you a uk national. she's divorced from him. she's said to be so famous in russia she has to wear dark shades and a hat to go out in public to avoid being recoofgnized, treated as somethg of a hero in her hometown of volgograd where she's recently been bestowed the title of honorary citizen, newspapers over there have hosted siing contests in her honor and even met the president, vladimir putin. >> okay. nina dos santos, thank you for that report. new this morning prince william may have set a date to wed long-time girlfriend kate mildston. london's "news of the world" is 2012 wedding is in the works. i spoke with that paper's royal thinks the ut why he
10:40 am
royal family would choose 2012. >> the whole focus of the world, the spotlight of the world will be on london, on england, and this is a way i think of actually maintaining that focus. the fact is, we would not only have a diamond jubilee for the queen, we would have william and kate and the olympics, fantastic for great britain. >> he says his source is the same person who informed him about the wedding date for prince charles and camilla parker and he'sgood to go with it. wall street will be watching tomorrow to e if the dow has another winning day. e blue chips gained 48 points on friday while the nasdaq surged six. back-to-school shopping earn an "a" for the stores? we'll find out when monthly retail sales figures for august are released. is china's currency under valued and is that hurting our economy? a house hearing will be held on ways to pressure china to stop manipulating its currency. the great american beer festival gets under way in
10:41 am
denver. 460 brewers, more than 2,000 beers will be there. sales from small brewers rose 10% last year. big beer makers saw declines. the new jersey lotto says give your dreams a chance and new york says all you need is a little luck. is that why more people are buying lottery tickets despite a recession? national lottery sales were up $1 billion over the past year. let's check in with msnbc financial analyst veiera gibbons for this yone. got any tips? >> you know, look, americans have cut back on things. they don't go out to restaurants as much, they don't put on their credit cards as much. but they're buying lottery tickets? >> virtually a recession proof industry. americans have high hopes, aspirations, get rich quick and this is one way to do it. if you look at the participation rate, alex, it's most predominant among the low income individuals. those making under $13,000 on average are spending a whopping 9% a year on these lottery tickets, a huge percent, that's
10:42 am
over $600 on tickets. isn't that scary? >> that is scary and certainly ill-advised because the chances are so slim. i mean like -- >> so slim. >> take a guess. i mean it's -- it's crazy. the odds of your winning the big money are as slim as 1 in 195 million. that would be the huge, huge payout. >> yeah. >> millions and millions. but it's a cheap form of entertainment, might cost you a dollar, five dollars, so it's not necessarily the first thing that's going to get cut. it's like a ritual, they can't stop doing it, habitual, a lot of states over hal of them now sell multistate tickets, the powerballs and mega millions and the stakes are so high, why you're seeing the high level of participation. everybody wants to win $50 million. >> who wins, states, right? >> the states. they're the key beneficiaries. our hopes and aspirations are what is keeping the state lotteries healthy and you've seen big revenue increases, massachusetts, california, texas, you mentioned new jersey. over 750 million in ticket
10:43 am
sales, not bad. some cases substantially more. >> which the states need. >> they need it. >> they need that money. >> they could use it. >>hank you very much. hurricane igor gets stronger in the open atlantic. e 'll have an update after th break. also getting your groove on. the psychologists who say they've unlocked the dance moves a man can make that's going to steal a woman's heart. franco, start dancing, where are you buddy? there you go. i got into one of the best schos in the country! [ both screaming ] i got into one of the most expensive schools in the country! [ male announcer ] en stress gives you heartburn with headache... alka-seltzer gives you relief fast. [ low male ] plop, plop. [ high male ] fizz, fizz.
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make sure it's repaireth the right replacement parts. ta the scary out of life with travelers. call or click now for an agent or quote. so we're watching this new storm out in the atlantic. it's hurricane igor. overnight, igor grew to hurricane status. igor is the fourth hurricane of the atlantic season. that storm has top winds of 80 miles per hour and isn't threatening any islands just yet. the system is roughly 1200 miles effort of the northern leeward islands. r they're ba. a new report in the leading advertising journal says tv jingles are making a comeback. in fact, o a growing number of
10:47 am
advertisers are reinventing their own jing les for a new generation. >> oh dude your car. >> that's okay. watch this. ♪ like a good neighbor state farm is there ♪ >> hey, kim. >> that's my agent. >> can i try? >> go for it. ♪ like a good neighbor state rm is there ♪ with a hot guy. >> joining me is bob, the author of "the retail dtors a guide growing your business." we're laughing, is that why there's the return of the jingle. >> jingles are positive. go back to 1971, the vietnam war, the gas prices, barry manilow is the one that wrote that "like a good neighbor state farm is there." like comfort food, but they're smart. because they're reallyer rememberable. >> in fact, let's pick up and look at a few more of the reinven the jingles. take a look, everyone. ♪
10:48 am
♪ but as long as you love me so ♪ ♪ credit i could have seen this coming at me like an atam bomb ♪ >> call about our $99 special. >> what is it that makesro thes things so strong in terms of their impact on consumers? >> one thing, they put a big media buy behind it. it's memorable. the first tweet was probably a jingle set to music. so we think that this is a new thought. it worked. that's what they're realizing, we have an attention span of half of a nath ande can get it quick and it's fun. the pirate song. >> the campbell soup song. you're listening and thinng immediately you know them. there's instant recognition which does a good thing for th brand. >> they used to try to take somebody's song and sagoy you fl good about that song, feel good ovout our brand. we have this treasure trove of people, i can go into any audience and my boomers and start a jingle and they fish it. somebody going we have a good thing here. >> but they update them.
10:49 am
we have mcdonald's that new jingle with justin timberlake. let's take a look at that. watch this. ♪ i'm lovin' it it's a place to eat since i don't cook i'll rock to the beat ♪ ♪ i'm lovin' it >> thereme are some in times pa would think this was selling out in advertising, like a cheap trick. has that changed? >> everything has changed. everyone is realizing i can leverage my personality why not use it? seeing it in fashion, why not retail. does anybody lose from this? no, it's great for everybody. >> is there a key to making a jingle successful? >> it has to be short and memorable. my bologna is a first name it's -- >> oscar. >> you have to think about it because it does become memorable. >> that's great power and what makes busine come back in america. we're having fun again. >> this is fun. i hate to see this segment end.
10:50 am
this is kind of fun. thank you for joining us. >> scientists have figured out the secrets to sexy dancing. got to watch this. according to a report on the website live science, psychologists at a british university recruited men to bob to a dance track whe reflect reflectoreflecto reflectors recorded their moves and had avatars make the moves and women rate and pinpoint the moves most attractive. a big difference between the sexy and the not so seeky moves. here is the sexy version. check it out. ♪ baby you like it we can move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby you like it come and give me some more ♪ >> all right. work it, crazy avatar. the not so sexy moves, with the same song, of course. ♪ baby you like it the way you move on the floor ♪ ♪ baby i like it come on and give me some more ♪ ♪ i like it >> come on, dude.
10:51 am
ok up. not looking at his dance partner. researchers say the difference between the good and the bad all comes down to the neck, torso and the right knee. it has nothing to do with the pelvis. they found women tend to be drawn to men who move their upper bodies, use a lot of space and vary up their movement. ♪ [ rumbling ]
10:52 am
[ air whooshing ] [ crunch! ] [ male announcer ] 11 grams of delicious whole grain. one mighty toasted crunch. new wheat thins crunch stix. the crunch is calling.
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10:54 am
a small nebraska farming town is honoring a group of americans you've probably never heard of but who paid the ultimate price.ed local residents pulled together to make sure the nearly forgotten heros will now be remembered forever. nbc's mike leonard has this story from milligan. >> reporter: why should anybody travel to a rural stretch of south central nraska to see these flags in the farm fields? these markers on a farm road. >> i felt it was a story that needed to be told. >> reporter: a story that might have been lost to the ables as those who e now up in age
10:55 am
gradually fade from the scene. >> all of a sudden it was just a big ball of fire. >> it was just like tumbling, going end over end. >> you know, we used to think that we were indue instructble. >> reporter: it happened a little over 6 1/2 decades ago, in and around the tiny farming town of milligan, nebraska. three separate crashes over the course of months involving military planes flying o of nearby air bases. back then, the residents of milligan had grown quite used to the sound of daily transmissions, until men started falling from the wide open sky littering the farms and fields with bodies and wreckage. >> it was pretty gruesome. my mother could never forget how it looked like. >> reporter: 26 airmen died in the three crashes. only six survived. but as the years went on, more
10:56 am
and more eyewitnesses passed on. the once young farm boys and farm girls, grew old as did the stories. stories easily forgotten by those not involved. >> the guys that died ine training were just for the most part overlooked. >> reporter: to counter that, jerry wrote a book about all of the nebraska crashes, which stirred the people of milligan into action. money was borrowed for the creation of historical markers. time was invested in a search for surviving family members. tribute books were assembled. downtown wdows transformed. flags were placed in the fields where the planes and the people fell. finally, a date was set. a ceremony planned. >> and we wanted the families to know that we did care about them and we want toecognize and honor them publicly. >> oney one they arrived from all over the country. >> how are you? >> i can't believe yoi'm meetin you. >> reporter: widows, sisters, nephew, the last livingurvivor
10:57 am
of the crashes, walt, whose parachute was saved and refashioned into his wife's wedding dress. >> they always say, les we forget. that's so easy to do. kind of gets pushed off to the back. don't remember this. take something like this to bring it back. >> reporter: sarah morgan's father died six weeks before she was born. dorothy stick witnessed his final moments. >> if they had to die, i'm kind of glad he was on american soil. >> reporter: hallowed ground to mini whose deceased husband was the only survivor of another midair collision that killed 17 others. >> i'm karen. i'm the pilot's daughter. >> i heard you were coming. >> reporter: milligan, nebraska,
10:58 am
will never be mentioned in the same breath as norma or iwo jima. >> they were headed overseas. they didn't make it. >> our thanks to nbc's mike leonard for that terrific reporting. at the top of the hour, iran is ready to release a female hostage held captive. could there be another catch? my eyes water. but now zyrtec®, the fastest 24-hour allergy relief, comes in a liquid gel. zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air®. comes in a liquid gel. how are you getting to a happier place? running there? dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, wn farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight.
10:59 am
helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ growls ] ♪ ♪ [ chittering ]

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